Small pieces of Pellets are formed by means of Crumbler Machine. It includes Twin Chilled Rollers fixed in a casing in which one is stationary & other one is adjusted with the help of Gap adjustment Tensioner as per the desired size. Chilled Rollers having Grooves on it by which the Pellets get converted into small pieces(Crumbs) for Chicken Feed. A Bypass arrangement is also provided to get the Pellets. It is equipped with the Feeder which Feeds Crumbler the Cooled Pellets evenly. The Crumbler Machines are available with us from 1TPH to 10TPH Capacity.

  • Is SPM equipment to crumble big pellets into small Pellets.
  • Used for crushing Poultry & Livestock Pellets.
  • It is having Low Noise & High Durability.
  • Rollers are easy to change
  • Crumbler can crumbled pellet into 0.6~ 1.5mm or 1~2.5mm
  • 6. The finished product has smooth appearance and low powder content
Models of Crumbler
Sr.No Model Required Power Kw Capacity
1 KRCR1 3 1TPH
2 KRCR3 4.4 3TPH
3 KRCR5 7.4 5TPH
4 KRCR8 11 8TPH
5 KRCR10 15 10TPH
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