The Cooler we manufacture is Counter Flow Cooler, It adopts the Air Counter flow working Principal. Used to Cool the Pellets of High Temp. & Humidity. Cooling Tank Design avoids Dead Angle. The Cooled Pellet Temperature is not higher than Atpm. Temp.(±3 to 5 Degree Celsius). Low Power Consumption, Easy for Operation & Cleaning with High Efficiency
The main Part of Cooler are -
Rotary Distributor which Feeds the Hot Pellets from Pellet Mill to Cooler for Cooling. MOC of the Rotary Distributor is SS. Cooling Chambler (Cooler) is of SS make. Holds the Hot Pellets for Cooling, equipped with the Sensor. It consist of Two Fixed Frames with Movable Frame in between. Eccentric Shaft- It Displaced the Middle Frame to discharge the Cooler once it is Sensed. Flow of Discharged can be controlled. Aspiration unit supplied with Cooler Sucks the Hot Air & Added Moisture in Pellets. Results a Pellet get cooled.

Models of Cooler
Sr.No Model Required Power Kw Capacity
1 KRCFC3 2 1-3TPH
4 KRCFC10 5 8TPH
5 KRCFC12 5 10TPH
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